Simplify Capturing, Storing, and Syncing of NIST-Compliant Mug Shots

Munission SmartShot is an out-of-the-box solution that lets law enforcement officers capture NIST-compliant mug shots with minimal training. SmartShot’s advanced facial recognition technology masterfully standardizes photos so victims and witnesses can better identify suspects, and you can expedite the booking process.

Our implementations include local police departments, college and universities, state and county wide agencies, and large scale federal projects. For more than a decade, across the United States and abroad, Munission SmartShot has been proven to be the best choice for capturing mugshots. We have partnered with more than a dozen Records and Jail Management vendors to deliver a seamless, integrated solution.


Munission SmartShot

Key Benefits:

  • NIST Compliance
  • Advanced Facial Recognition and Tracking
  • Automatic Lighting, Background, and Aspect Ratio Adjustment
  • Biometric-Enabled Camera
  • Live On-Screen Image
  • Integrates With All Records and Jail Management Systems
  • Easy To Use Right Out of the Box
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Expedites Entire Booking Process
  • Cost-Effective and Budget-Friendly
  • Seamless Archival and Management System

Example Use Cases:

  • Local Police Departments
  • State and County-Wide Agencies
  • Large-Scale Federal Projects
  • Records and Jail Management Systems

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