Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Solutions for Safer Communities. Munission Law Enforcement Modules can work with any RMS to boost efficiency, effectiveness and precision. From our patented mugshot system, Munission SmartShot to our mobile/web suspect capture and data sharing solution in Munission Swarm, to our one of a kind counterfeit data recovery solution with Munission TRAP, Munission offers the most advanced solutions for Law Enforcement in the market today.

Solutions for Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Police with Precision. Serve and Protect

Accelerated Booking

Munission streamlines the booking process by combining its patented Mugshot application, Munission SmartShot along  with it’s next generation identification scanning technology, Munission ID.  The combination of these cutting edge technologies integrated with the agency’s RMS system, enables faster bookings by enabling anyone to take NIST compliant mugshots, every time with minimal training and allowing for rapid data capture from ID’s with just a simple photograph of both side of an ID.

Learn more about Munission SmartShot here.

Learn More about Munission ID here.

Information Sharing

Munission SWARM is an information sharing platform for law enforcement, breaking down the barriers that previously prevented agencies located down the street or across the country from accessing a common data picture.

Munission SWARM web based platform that is simple to use and provides clear text searches of information from any type of report or document.  Munission SWARM integrates with law enforcement Records Management Systems and other data repositories to provide a comprehensive cross-agency and cross-platform view.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the application also puts the power photo arrays and in-the-field facial recognition from Windows, IOS and Android devices securely in the hands of law enforcement.

Key Benefits:

  • Cross-Agency Law Enforcement Sharing
  • Secure Platform
  • IOS / Android Mobile Apps
  • In-Field Facial Recognition
  • Photo Arrays / Line-Ups
  • Full Text Search Functionality
  • Report & Document Repository
  • RMS & JMS Integration

Counterfeit Detection

Developed under contract for the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) and the U.S. Secret Service, MUNISSION TRAP is a forensic-focused desktop device that enables extremely fast, efficient and automated recovery of data on thermal mass transfer (TMT) or dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) ribbons.

Advanced desktop badge and document printers using thermal ribbon media have found their way into a variety of applications—photos, company badges, ID cards and more. While these printers are used legitimately everyday in offices around the world, they are also abused. Terrorist and criminal elements have used the same printing technologies—dye diffusion thermal transfer and thermal mass transfer—to generate counterfeit credit cards, identification badges, licenses and other documents. These counterfeits can be extremely high quality and difficult to differentiate from legitimate documents.

​Fortunately, the thermal ribbon media used by these printers contains a wealth of data that is very valuable for forensic purposes. Latent images of what has been printed with them appear on used ribbons, and these images can be recovered with the right scanning equipment. This provides a unique opportunity for law enforcement and forensic examiners; if used ribbons can be recovered from potential crime scenes, evidence may be extracted from them. This evidence can be studied by forensic examiners to provide actionable intelligence for law enforcement.

Learn more about Munission TRAP here.



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